Spiritual Dimensions and Ascension to the Fifth Dimension

A Dimension is a state of consciousness or reality, a spiritual realm or plane. Each dimension has its own rate of vibration and density and its own set of laws and principles, which are specific to the frequency of the dimension.

The earth and man have existed in the Third Dimension (the Physical Realm) for thousands of years. This dimension is all about accumulating material things and living in fear of losing them. Fear of: losing control; not being good enough; not being secure; trusting others and ourselves; scarcity; being separate; and death.

Life is a competition, fighting hard for our well-being, and needing to be right. This is a dimension of low vibration and linear time, and is considered too be dark and dense. The ego mind is in control and we try to be good enough to earn the respect of others.

The Fourth Dimension (the Astral Realm), or The Hallway into the Fifth Dimension, is less dense and more fluid, more of a dream world. This is a place to obtain insight and information about purpose, our fears, and ourselves. This more awakened state shifts from the material world to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

The Fifth Dimension is the (Plane of Light, Unity Consciousness or, 5D.) Here we do not suffer from any form of separation from the Creator or Source Energy, or the Universe. We base our actions on love; never on fear. There is no physical suffering.

This dimension is beyond linear time (‘non-linear time’), where we have access to different timelines and realities. Our Higher Self is our guide and we feel connected to everyone and everything. We live in complete freedom and authenticity, living from the heart, and reach a balance between both feminine and masculine energies.

We invite you to follow the path to the 5th Dimension with us
We invite you to follow the path to the 5th Dimension with us

This is a dimension of deep trust and inner knowing, where we learn to go with the flow. There is no judgment of others and we love unconditionally. There are no manmade rules or laws, and there is no need for possessions or status. We know that our needs will be met, and that gratitude is forever present.

The name of this website is Become5D because its purpose is to help you understand how to achieve Fifth Dimension consciousness, which as you can see from the description above, is heaven on earth.