Is Your Subconscious Patterning Sabotaging Your Ascension into the 5th Dimension?

There are many ways to nurture your ascension into the 5th Dimension including meditation, clean diet, yoga, and pranayama techniques. One aspect we may not speak of frequently is the release of Dysfunctional Subconscious Patterning.

Dysfunctional Subconscious Patterning

As we live this human existence, we imprint dysfunctional patterns between the ages of 0-7.  None of which are the actual truth of who we are. These patterns can sabotage us from living our truth. We are divine love and multi-dimensional beings experiencing a human existence.  If the root cause of what is sabotaging us from living our truth isn’t addressed, we are, as my mentor teacher Dr. Barry Green says, “coping vs. truly healing”.

We are like a garden

A good visual representation of this is a garden. In this garden, we have the flowers we would like to be there (the truth of who we are and our evolution). We also have weeds (our patterning). Coping would look something like continuously pulling the weed by cutting off the top.

After a while, this process has the possibility of breeding frustration, anxiety, depression and more.  However, if we dig up the weed from the root, the soil “heals”. We have space to plant more flowers that we would actually like to grow. The soil has more nutrients to devote to that which we would like to grow. Then yoga, meditation, pranayama, therapy of any kind, have the opportunity to nourish the healing rather than being a mechanism for coping.

My experience

As an Intuitive Therapist of eleven years, I have witnessed the power of releasing subconscious patterning in my clients and most importantly in my own being.

Before I addressed my dysfunctional patterning, I felt as though I was constantly tripping over, or stuck in, cycles. It didn’t seem to matter how many self-help books I read, breathing techniques I implemented, what I ate. When push came to shove, I would act from these patterns of doubt, hating myself, rage, not being good enough and so on. Until there was a significant release process.

My clients have witnessed the same dramatic shift when subconscious patterning is addressed, released, and replaced. I truly believe we all deserve to experience a life free of dysfunctional patterning. We are here to experience ascension, expansion, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

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Isabel Fagoaga (Ba.Ed, HHP, CYT) is a truth seeker, intuitive therapist, psychic medium, GROOVE dance floor facilitator,  lover of all things healing and committed to supporting you in your evolution.

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4 thoughts on “Is Your Subconscious Patterning Sabotaging Your Ascension into the 5th Dimension?

  1. Yes, subconscious programming is part of one’s “shadow side”, one’s hidden aspects and yes, at a young age, we are “highly programmable”. Great design as long as our “teachers” know they are teaching us and what. But they – parents, teachers, preachers, and others who love you – have also been programmed and just pass on the programming. Get one generation of people to take on a new program and they’ll pass on the dysfunctional, disempowering programs to the next generation. Inaccurate associations are made at the subconscious level at a young age and they stick.

    The “shadow” must be “brought to light” – the subconscious realized at a conscious level… and reprogrammed (the easy part really, at that point) to a more healthy state. Once you’ve gotten the old program out of the subconscious, then, yes, plant what you’d like. The garden is a great analogy!

    “We are here to experience ascension, expansion, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.” We naturally ARE these things, we just have to unbury our True Selves from under the crap heap… of disempowering programs. Yes, indeed, release what is not us.

    1. Thank you for your very insightful response and for reading the blog!!!
      It is very empowering to change future thought structures to the more functional. I also intuitively feel we have the power to shift past generations programming. The idea of seven generations before you, seven generations ahead of you. With the awareness that linear time doesn’t really exist to support this awareness. As we shift our neural programming we also shift our DNA. It’s all very exciting to me!!!

      1. Yes, we absolutely can change the past from the present moment.

        “As we shift our neural programming we also shift our DNA.”

        I’d say that we then UTILIZE MORE of our DNA, not so much “shift” it. I’m not in agreement with some of the lightworker views on DNA changing, etc. See here for more on that:

        Thank you for sharing your excitement! I could use a good boost once in a while. For years now, since I “completed” years ago, it can get downright SSDD / boring. *yawn* lol … even though I can be quite self-entertaining. 🙂 Yeah, the overall process and project is absolutely exciting. I find it funny that anyone cares to read fiction these days or cares about what other experiences they’ve had elsewhere when Earth and Gaia is where the show’s at RIGHT NOW!

  2. I am so grateful to have discussion, awareness, excitement, and sharing with like minded-souls! Even if there isn’t total agreement on perspective! I will check out the link!

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