Empowerment Through Reiki

One of the most rewarding aspects about my Reiki practice, and my own Reiki journey, is witnessing the sense of empowerment that people are given through their Reiki treatments.


During a Reiki session our bodies come into homeostasis or balance. Being in a state of complete balance and relaxation, people often notice sensations in the body that they have not noticed before.

For example, as tightness in their shoulders releases, they realize that they have been carrying a lot of stress and discomfort there. From a point of deep relaxation, one can view their stress triggers without the stress. This separation gives a person space to look at their life with new insight.

Looking at Stressors from a Remote State

Having the opportunity to look at stressors from this removed state of stress is enlightening and empowering. Often clients notice that once they can look at their stressful triggers without the stress, it’s far easier to make needed changes in their lives.

All of a sudden there is a choice to make about how they react to their stress without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a new opportunity to look at their life.

Questions Arise from a Clear, Calm Mind

Frequently people question, how can I reduce this discomfort the next time it crops up? What are the catalysts in my life to this discomfort? Why haven’t I noticed how tight my shoulders were before? These questions and others may arise in the clear, calm mind. Questioning from a peaceful place is an empowering feeling to have.

Stillness and Tranquility

In our day to day stressful lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed because we don’t take an opportunity to be still, relaxed and quiet. In the stillness and tranquility that Reiki provides, we can recognize that stress is something that occurs in our lives but can also be controlled and reduced. Reiki creates that stillness and peace in the body.

Noticing how we feel in our bodies is a huge step in healing. Harnessing the power to choose how you respond to your life is a key component to healing your life.

Take a Deep Breath

The next time the stressor presents in our life we can take a deep breath and choose how to respond instead of just continuing on autopilot. The constant strain of daily routines makes it easy to keep up the status quo of compiling more stress into our lives, but Reiki teaches us there is another way.

When I was first introduced to Reiki, I was surprised to see how little I had been paying attention to my body. I had almost taken for granted the stress I carried in my body. Once it was gone I was able to take a look at what had caused my stress in the first place and choose to respond differently to my stressors.

Owning Your Feelings

Owning my own feelings was the first step toward healing. This type of healing is empowering because Reiki energy creates a safe, calm and relaxing environment for this to occur. I was astonished to learn such a thing, for I had ignored feeling angry or sad and had inadvertently stored those stressful emotions in my body.

We Hold Emotions and Life Experiences

Clients are usually interested to find that I have picked up on worry in their hearts or anger in their hips. The reality is that we hold emotions and life experiences in our bodies.

Our emotions are guides to let us know when things are challenging or upsetting to us. Emotions are meant to help us to make decisions to better our lives, not cause discomfort or undue stress.

Making Peace by Owning our Emotions

Reiki helps us to make peace with our emotions by owning them. Trust me, freeing stored emotions from your body is incredible. It’s like cleaning out a closet of clothes that no longer fit or suit your tastes. You can look at them and say thanks for your service but I am no longer in need of you. It frees you to make new choices and have new opportunities.

Creating a Gentle Space

Our fast paced society, forces us to keep up with deadlines and schedules making it easy to ignore how we are feeling in our bodies moment by moment. Reiki creates a gentle space to feel safe and comfortable in our body to begin that healing process. Our bodies hold a lot of wisdom, once we take time to listen to them and respond lovingly, a great deal of stress will be released.

For me and for my clients, Reiki has provided that much needed safe, quiet space to reflect, explore and heal. Savoring the opportunity to choose how to respond and feeling better about it is another wonderful gift Reiki has given time and time again. I feel fortunate to have witnessed this healing in others and myself.

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