‘Chi’ – That Which Gives Life

Chi is Life Force

From Lee Holden’s book, ‘Your Body of Light’, ‘Chi’ (‘Qi’) is ‘that which gives life‘ and means ‘life force‘. It is the basis of all traditional Chinese healing arts, from acupuncture to herbal medicine.

Qi is carried within the breath and is the very breath of life which animates every function of our bodies, mind and spirit. Qi powers the physical body, giving blood the energy to flow and nourish the cells, it stimulates the immune system for good health; it fuels digestion and nutrient absorption; and it provides the nervous system with the energy to operate the body.

Qi drives and supports mental energy – the ability to think clearly, reason, and make decisions. Qi connects you to spirit as well as the cosmic bodies – the earth, sun, moon, stars and planets.

The principle of a driving force of life is common to many cultures and religious practices. Some of the many other names for qi from other cultures include:

Prana: India

Ki: Japan

Mana: Oceanic Polynesian

Ni: Lakota Sioux

Ka: Ancient Egypt

Holy Spirit: Christians

The Taoist view of Chi

The Taoists view chi as a primal substance that animates the universe and the force that sets the world and everything in it into motion. They also believe that chi is also the force that sustains all things once they are created, having two polar elements- ‘yin’ and ‘yang. Yin carries a magnetic, contractive quality. Yang holds an expansive, projective quality.

The article, ‘Qi (Chi): The Taoist Principle of Life Force’, indicates that the fundamental insight of ‘Qigong and Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine) is that balanced and free-flowing qi results in health; while stagnant or imbalanced qi leads to disease.

The capacity to perceive the flow of qi directly- to actually see or feel it- is something than can be cultivated through training in qigong and acupuncture. Though we may now experience our body as being rather solid, at a molecular level is comprised mostly of water – a very fluid substance. At an atomic level, it is 99.99% space – a vast (and infinitely intelligent) emptiness.

Dark Energy

Per current physics theory, Dark Energy is thought to comprise roughly 68% of the known universe, and Dark Matter 27%. Now quantum physics perhaps is acknowledging “Chi” in its theories of dark matter/energy, that is- the underlying force that controls all matter. The similarities of dark matter/energy and “Chi” are: that they both – permeate the universe, involve a particle that is thought to give all other its mass, can’t be seen but their effects (gravity) can be seen, are the force that holds galaxies together/giving the universe its structure.

Universal Life Force Energy

Universal Life Force Energy, a term used in Reiki healing, is defined as the underlying Power of All Vibration, be it physical, mental or spiritual. It is the continuous flow of Energy from the Source of All: constituting all, sustaining all, pervading all. It is eternal and infinite.

Varied  beliefs arriving at the same results

Ancient beliefs from around the world and current scientific beliefs, all appear to come to the similar conclusions and definitions, regarding chi.

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