How to Achieve and Maintain Spiritual Abundance

More and more does not necessarily equal spiritual abundance

The word Abundance has many meanings depending on the context. If you are seeking to learn more about spiritual abundance, then you might find this article helpful as you begin your journey to identifying and achieving spiritual abundance. Having less can lead to more and more spiritual abundance as you will discover. To help you on your journey, check out some helpful references we’ve listed at the end of this post.

We can Define Abundance in one of Two Ways

Possession-Based Abundance: This type of abundance is dictated by our ‘wants’ and our ‘desires’. In this sense, abundance means that we have an abundance of things, resources, and property. This type of abundance seeks gratification and a sense of happiness from the outside world.

Acquiring a sense of personal achievement (or abundance) having an abundance of things always has a trade-off. Eventually, possession-based satisfaction leads to a lack of feeling. We cannot obtain Inner peace through attachment to physical objects because this is an illusionary abundance, and it is always doomed to fail.

True spiritual abundance: This type of abundance involves gratitude and seeing the divine in all things. It is typically experienced by those who have awakened to unity consciousness.
The experience of spiritual abundance is not intellectual. It involves a deep gratitude for the moment, our existence, and our experience.

Seeing the divine in all things allows you can connect to the ‘flow’. Everything we receive is divinely given and is an opportunity for us to ‘BE’. We want for nothing because we know that we already have everything.

You Mean the Less I have, the Happier I Will Be ?

Yes, oddly enough, it’s no coincidence that the fewer things people have, the happier they tend to be. People with less learn to enjoy the smallest things. Learning to work together and pool their resources with others. They tend to laugh more, play games, and entertain each other.

Those with the least money are typically more charitable with others who are less fortunate than they are. One measure of spiritual abundance is the amount of peace we feel within. The more aligned we are with the flow of higher consciousness, the more we allow the divine to flow freely through us.

Most awakened people initially dance between ‘possession-based abundance’ and ‘spiritual abundance’. However, as a person becomes more and more aligned with the divine flow, they move towards spiritual abundance. This is our destiny.

We Create Barriers to our own Abundance

Break the Barrier to Spiritual AbundanceThe word abundance means many things, such as joy, success, prosperity, and happiness. The universe is always sending a constant flow of abundance to us, but we create barriers to receiving it. Our thoughts, beliefs, and lack of self-worth, can all block abundance. We are responsible for removing the blockages that halt the flow of abundance.

The Spiritual Laws of Abundance

Our fears and beliefs, involving hurt and rejection, cause us to close our hearts. This results in emotionally withdrawing or clinging to unhealthy, sometimes toxic, relationships. When we block our emotions, we also block the flow of abundance into our lives.

The Spiritual Law of Abundance teaches us that success is a ‘state of mind’, not a specific achievement. When our focus is on reaching a specific goal (that we consider to be success), we typically experience a slight moment of happiness once we have achieved our goal. However, remaining in that moment requires us to set and achieve yet another goal.

The Spiritual Law of Abundance tells us that success is about ‘going with the flow’ of life, taking advantage of the ebb and flow of life while enjoying the journey along the way. The Spiritual Law of Abundance dictates that true success is a sense of inner-satisfaction and fulfillment.

To live with the flow of abundance, we must understand the energetic vibration of ‘give and take’ and ‘giving and receiving’. When we are feeling content and full within, it becomes much easier to nurture others.

You Don’t Need to Have an Abundance of Things to Survive

Because we live in an abundant world, there is an abundance of resources, ideas, opportunities, and possibilities. However, the world we live in is deeply rooted in the sense of scarcity.

You see, scarcity involves our natural inclination to survive, and in our early development stages, we find it necessary and applicable to associate survival with having an abundance of tangible objects rather than experiencing a scarcity or lack of tangible objects. However, human’s evolutionary fear-based thinking is the basis for our scarcity-oriented world. Meaning the fear and worry of what might happen.

It is only when we stop and become fully immersed in the present moment can we step outside of our conditioning and evoke the quality of abundance. It is essential that we remain grounded and stay in the here and now to sense the broad spectrum of abundant possibilities.

When we have fear, we cannot have an inward sense of abundance. We must eliminate all fear-based inclinations. There can be no fear when we keep the power of our awareness centered on the here and now.

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